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About us

The Swedish Association of Professional Body Therapists (Kroppsterapeuternas Yrkesförbund) is a non-profit professional association for massage therapists, zone therapists, kinesiologists, spa therapists, acupressure practitioners, aromatherapists, shiatsu therapists, tactile therapists, Ayurvedic massage therapists, organic skincare therapists, healthcare consultants, nutritional advisers, nutritional therapists, personal trainers, Rosen therapists, yoga teachers and yoga massage therapists.

We are the largest professional association in the industry.

Our members are well-trained, adhere to the ethical rules of the industry and hold patient and liability insurance. This year, our more than 4,000 members will collectively give almost 3.5 million treatments.

Objectives of the Association:

  • to promote Swedish research into the positive effects of massage and body therapies
  • to monitor legislation that regulates the professional practices of our members
  • to protect job titles
  • to encourage the inclusion of therapies such as massage into integrative care so that patients themselves may choose alternative forms of care
  • to lobby the Swedish government to accept, as 96 other countries already do, WHO recommendations that recognise the efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine methodologies
  • to ensure that healthcare costs are fully deductible for both individuals and employers
  • to ensure that body therapy treatments are VAT-free (in care) and otherwise subject only to 6% VAT (as with other healthcare measures within sport)
  • to ensure that patients and clients are protected through the use of protected professional titles for serious and quality-assured body therapists