Ethical rules

Ethical rules for members of the Swedish Association of Professional Body Therapists

By being affiliated with the Association and as a representative of the professional body therapy industry in Sweden, members undertake to adhere to the ethical and social rules described below.

The member and clients’ integrity

  •  The member appreciates, understands and respects clients’ need for integrity.
  •  The member does not discriminate against clients on the basis of social standing, beliefs, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.
  • The member is subject to and respects client confidentiality. 

The member and his or her professional role

  • The member acknowledges his or her responsibility when working with clients.
  • The member always works in the best interests of the client’s health and well-being.
  • The member works solely within the field in which he or she has been trained.
  • Where the client’s condition so dictates, the member recommends other forms of treatment, e.g. health and medical care.
  • The member only conducts examinations that are justifiable based on the client’s reason for the appointment.
  • The member does not give treatments that clients do not need or want. 

The member and society

  • The member shall not talk about other therapists or colleagues in a derogatory manner.
  • The member is familiar with laws and agreements that have a bearing on his or her practices.
  • Self-employed members adhere to good business practices.
  • The member takes a serious approach to pricing.
  • The member markets his or her services clearly and accurately.